A scary moment….

Well it happened. For those of you that are close friends and family, you know how much we have dreaded our little boy getting sick. By that, I mean not being able to get fluids or food down. For most kids, this would simply mean a trip to the doctors office. For us, it’s a trip to the ER.

Monday morning, Benaiah started to eat some breakfast, then we gave him his milk. Shortly after that, he began to vomit. My heart sank and Grant and I tried hard not to panic. We thought that maybe it was just because he had too much milk, he ate too fast, or was too active after he ate so we waited. I took his temperature which was thankfully normal. About 30 minutes later, it happened again three times in a row. We knew at that point that we had to make a phone call. (With Benaiah having VLCADD, any time he vomits or refuses to eat, we need to notify our geneticist.)

We were instructed to give him 4 oz of milk, wait an hour, and then give him 4 more. He did great with the first 4 oz. He even took a short nap and we were hoping for the best. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. The next 4 oz did not settle well. We called the geneticist back and were told to go straight to the ER. Frantically, we packed up everything we needed in about 10 minutes and hurried out the door. We then made the 45 minute drive to our local children’s hospital.

When we got there, I handed the lady at the front desk the emergency protocol for Benaiah. (He has step by step instructions from the geneticist with what to do in a situation like this. It includes being admitted immediately, starting an IV, and running a bunch of labs) She didn’t even look at the paper. I was not pleased but the nurse called us to a small room almost immediately. He was weighed and we were asked some questions. Then we got called back to a room. And we waited. And waited….and waited. Finally after sitting for almost 30 minutes we realized that no one had taken the protocol seriously. Grant went and found another nurse who was awesome and got everything set up and ready for us in about ten minutes. We were sent to a room so Benaiah could get blood drawn and an IV put in. This mommy and daddy were strong through all the tears and cries of our little boy.

We went back to the room and had to sit for awhile to await the lab results. He had his IV dripping and he was able to sleep for about 30 minutes. About 2 hours after the labs were taken, we got good news from the doctor and said that it was probably just a little stomach bug. All of the labs came back normal so there was no concern there. We were given some medicine to help him with the nausea and were told we could leave very soon! What a huge praise!!

So after being there 4 hours (it felt like 14…), we were able to come home. It was a scary experience, and one we don’t want to repeat, but we will definitely be more prepared the next time.

Right now, Benaiah is doing much better, but probably won’t be completely back to normal for a few more days. Mom and Dad have had a rough few days of not feeling good either, on top of stress and worry. We are just very thankful that it wasn’t any worse. We are truly blessed.

This picture was taken the next morning. Our beautiful happy boy 🙂



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