God’s plan is always best…

All week I’ve been a little nervous, and so has my husband. Last night, neither one of us slept well. We tried not to be anxious and prayed for Gods peace that surpasses all understanding. Sometimes it’s much easier said than done….

When I woke up this morning at 5:45 (mind you this is about 2 and a half hours earlier than normal), I felt fairly calm. My husband and I were getting up extra early to take our little boy (21 months) to the hospital to have tubes put in his ears.

We get to the hospital at 6:30, and get him settled in his room. We put his tiny gown on, and let him walk around the room. The nurse comes in, takes his vitals, asks questions, the usual. Then the anesthesiologist comes in and starts asking questions. We tell him about his VLCADD and my husband hands him the emergency protocol, just in case they might need it. Little did we know, that document was going to be very important.

Then we waited for about 30 minutes, and right at 7:30 when the surgery was going to take place, our doctor came in along with the anesthesiologist. He informed us that because of his metabolic condition, they wanted to postpone his surgery and do it at Kosair in a week and a half. He said he had done tens of thousands of these surgeries and not once had this happen to him. He was doing it as a precaution because the anesthesiologist was doing some research in the 30 minutes we were waiting. Apparently he found cases in which children’s body’s (with metabolic disorders) couldn’t break down the general anesthesia normally. So since he had this, they thought doing it at a hospital that is familiar with these kinds of things would be a better idea. They also said that may just mean that he needs a different narcotic, but we will just wait and see. This could also mean that a procedure that takes about 2 hours total in the hospital, could mean 10 hours instead (because they may want to monitor him for a bit afterwards). We should be having a pre-op appointment so we can be informed and know what’s going to be best for him.

In what may have been a big headache for some people, we were ever so thankful. I’m thankful that the anesthesiologist took the time to do his research with something he wasn’t familiar with. I’m thankful for all of our friends and family who were praying for us (and will continue to pray for us in the weeks to come!).

Most importantly I’m thankful for a God who loves, cares and watches over His people! His plan is always the best plan, and today, more than ever, I’m grateful for it.


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